The Hot Topic Debate is a new concept which opposes two experts designated by the supporting company and two experts from the appropriate ESSKA Section, and is animated by a referee. A quick fire and light-hearted debate covers pros and cons on a specific topic. The audience is invited to vote at the end of the discussion on who had the most convincing arguments!


• Brand new concept!
• Quick fire, light hearted debate
between the supporting Partner
company and two ESSKA Section
• Pros and cons presented by both
sides in a lively way

The skilled referee will take the heat
and keep the sparks flying!

• But…. YOU, the audience will have
the power of deciding who has the
best argument
• And the winner is….??? Come to the
Hot Topic Debate to decide and to
find out!

Thank you to our ESSKA Speciality Days 2019 Partners

More Information on the schedule and the hot topic debates will be available soon.