ESSKA-ESMA is creating a European pool of expertise, which aims to:

    • attempt an interdisciplinary collaboration, on the most important problems of health care for athletes, especially injuries
    • create working-groups, each with a specific topic or a specific sport, and each with an “Ambassador”, who connects with the appropriate Sports Federation
    • organise joint events with these federations
    • publish or otherwise disseminate the practicable results

ESSKA-EHPA is creating a European pool of expertise, which aims to:

  • share, debate and discuss knowledge with like-minded practitioners
  • provide education and training in hip pathology, through online events, speciality events and conferences and practical courses
  • provide guidelines for the practice of hip preservation and arthroscopic surgery via consensus statements and publications thus ensuring the best care for our patients
  • provide a platform and create an environment for collaborating on high quality European research in the sub-speciality


Dear ESSKA-ESMA members, Dear ESSKA-EHPA members, Dear ESSKA members, Dear Friends.

We are delighted to invite you to take part in the second edition of ESSKA Speciality days in Warsaw in 2023 which will return after its successful launch in 2019.

To address the important topic of Groin Pain in Athletes, ESMA (ESSKA European Sports Medicine Associates) and the newly created  EHPA (ESSKA European Hip Preservation Associates) will join forces, knowledge

and expertise to bring you a top class programme. All sessions have been designed for orthopedic surgeons and physios and we warmly welcome all ESMA and EHPA Section members, ESSKA members and the wider community interested in this topic.

As a part of this ambition, the ESMA and EHPA Programme will be divided into three parts: two half-days common for both sections and one specific half-day for each section (Friday morning for ESMA programme and Saturday afternoon for EHPA programme).

The main common session on Friday afternoon will be “The ESSKA Consensus on Groin Pain” which should answer a lot of questions about this trans-speciality and multidisciplinary subject. On Saturday morning, we will focus on the Athlete with Hip Arthritis and on Extra-Articular Hip Impingement and Soft tissue pathology.

On Friday morning, ESMA will focus on the specifics of Return to Sport (especially in high level athletes) in ACL injury and in Achilles tendon rupture. Finally on Saturday, EHPA will focus on FAI and Dysplasia. The two days will be interspersed with dynamic debates, free papers, eposters and a brand new JAM Session.

ESMA will also share a symposium with AFAS about return to play after injuries to foot and ankle on Saturday morning.

We look forward to seeing in person in Warsaw from 24 to 25th of November 2023 for an unforgettable educational and social experience,

With our kind regards,

Patricia THOREUX (ESSKA-ESMA Chairwoman) & Vikas KHANDUJA (ESSKA-EHPA Chairman)


Patricia THOREUX (ESSKA-ESMA Chairwoman) Vikas KHANDUJA (ESSKA-EHPA Chairman)




Patricia Thoreux, France / Vikas Khanduja, United Kingdom

Francesco Della Villa, Italy

Jacek Mazek, Poland


Attending the ESMA Programme with the Common ESMA – EHPA sessions and the common ESMA – AFAS session of ESSKA Speciality Days, the participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the latest developments and concepts in the field of ACL injuries, in terms of prevention, rehabilitation and return to play.
  2. Review and update knowledge on Achilles rupture, and the criteria to return to play depending on sports and level.
  3. Have a multidisciplinary approach of the « Groin pain problems in athletes with both an highlight lecture about controversies and skepticism about this topic and the presentation of an ESSKA Consensus (+EHPA)
  4. Have a global overview for diagnostic, current treatment and involvement with sport for extra-articular soft tissue Hip Pathologies (+EHPA)
  5. Review and update the topic of Early Hip Arthritis in high level athletes with the conservative and non-conservative options and the ethical aspects of their career pursuit (+ EHPA)
  6. Understand the considerations and steps towards return to play for injured athletes with ankle and tarsal pathologies (+AFAS)
  7. Assemble a valuable network of international colleagues.
  8. Evaluate and debate new trends, techniques, treatments, and diagnostic procedures in sports medicine.


After attending the EHPA Programme of ESSKA Speciality Days, the participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the latest insights and evidence in the Management of Femoroacetabular Impingement
  2. Review and update on the presentation, conservative and surgical management of Dysplasia
  3. Debate and report on the management of the elite athlete with hip arthritis
  4. Understand and debate on surgical techniques for management of the diseased labrum, articular cartilage and hip capsule
  5. Assemble a valuable network of international colleagues.
  6. Evaluate and debate new trends, techniques, treatments, and diagnostic procedures in hip preservation.