ESSKA-ESMA brings together the various disciplines of sports medicine, including orthopaedic surgeons, sports-doctors, physical therapists, sports-scientists, and others. This European pool of expertise aims to:

    • attempt an interdisciplinary collaboration, on the most important problems of health care for athletes, especially injuries
    • create working groups, each with a specific topic or a specific sport, and each with an “Ambassador”, who connects with the appropriate Sports Federation to organise joint events with these federations
    • publish or otherwise disseminate the practicable results


Dear ESSKA and ESMA members,
dear colleagues, dear friends,

ESSKA- ESMA Section was founded in 2016 with the aim to improve the promotion and spread of new research and evidence-based knowledge, focused on sports injuries prevention and treatment including the promotion of exercise as a tool to improve the athletes’ physical health and mental well-being.

ESSKA- ESMA is open not only to orthopedic surgeons but also to sports medicine specialists, team doctors, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, trainers, sports scientists, physiotherapists and coaches: they all are warmly invited to join us.

In the 2020-2022 term we’ll continue working on our mission to cooperate with all our ESMA members, sports federations and other societies with similar fields of interest, encouraging not only the exchange of scientific studies and experiences but also the promotion and publication of new researches.

ESSKA- ESMA will continue to support working groups, each with a specific topic or a specific sport. All members are invited to actively participate.

Our main topic for the ESSKA Speciality Days in Warsaw 2021 will be the Knee in the Growing Athlete: prevention and proper management of knee injuries in children and adolescents are important issues. We will host the best experts in the field who will share their knowledge with the audience. You all are invited!

We are convinced that even in these difficult times scientific cooperation is the best way to improve our knowledge and our professional skills so please join us in Warsaw!

Gian Luigi Canata
ESMA Chairman 2020-2022