ESSKA-ESA brings together shoulder surgeons. This European pool of expertise aims to:

  • share with like-minded practitioners
  • undertake scientific research
  • provide training, through practical courses and publications
  • make shoulder surgery both better and easier

Message from the Chairman

Dear ESSKA and ESSKA-ESA members,
Dear Colleagues,

As your new Chairman, my first act is to pay tribute to my predecessors. Ettore Taverna, Pascal Gleyze, Boris Poberaj, Angel Calvo and Roman Brzoska were people of genuine vision. They were dedicated to shoulder surgery, and under their guidance ESSKA-ESA developed an identity, a structure and a mission. After 10 years we can be proud of what we have achieved, and excited about the way ahead. And indeed, we have ambitious plans for the next two years!

Our first closed meeting is approaching, and we hope to see you all in Athens, Greece, at the end of October. Our topic is controversial — The Pathology of the Acromioclavicular Joint — and I am sure many of you have something to contribute. There will be a consensus meeting on the diagnosis and treatment of ACJ dislocation, and your views will be welcome!

ESSKA is introducing its new scientific format, the ESSKA Speciality Days, in November 2019 in Madrid, Spain.

ESA Section will be there, with a noteworthy and emerging topic: The Management of Massive and Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears. We shall survey the various approaches to this challenging disability.  We shall cover current practices, those that have been validated, and the prospects for the future. And all this in a friendly and stimulating context. Don’t miss this chance!

Three important editorial projects are already in the pipeline. Firstly, a monograph on shoulder instability, which will summarize ESA’s last meeting in Krakow, Poland, in October 2017. Secondly, a revised edition of our book “Shoulder Arthroscopy: Principles and Practice”. This was a great success, with more than 100,000 electronic downloads but now, five years on, it is ready to be updated. And finally, our topic for ESSKA’s Speciality Days meeting — a monograph on the management of massive and irreparable rotator cuff tears.

Our projects also include an ESSKA-ESA Travelling Fellowship, dedicated to Philippe Hardy, who was a great pillar of ESSKA, and dedicated his life to spreading enthusiasm and skills for shoulder surgery. Such a fellowship will enable young orthopaedic surgeons to work with some of ESSKA’s best teachers and teaching centres, and greatly improve their knowledge and praxis of shoulder surgery.

I am aware of my privilege and responsibility over the next two years. I shall lead a group of incredible people, who are committed to the management of shoulder disease. I hope our work will benefit our patients, the entire ESSKA community, and those who will soon be joining us. We shall all do our best, to meet your expectations!

Yours sincerely,

Giuseppe Milano
ESSKA-ESA Chairman 2018-2020

Board 2018-2020
Chairman: Giuseppe Milano (Italy)
Past Chairman: Roman Brzôska (Poland)
Vice-Chairman: Ladislav Kovacic (Slovenia)
Secretary: Knut Beitzel (Germany)
Treasurer: Bruno Toussaint (France)
Education: Nuno Gomes (Portugal)
Membership: Emmanouil Antonogiannkis (Greece)
Scientific Chairman: Frank Martetschläger (Germany)
Board members:
Mustafa Karahan (Turkey)
Claudio Rosso (Switzerland)

European Shoulder Associates (ESA), a Section of ESSKA, was established in 2010.

2018-2020 Chairman – Giuseppe Milano (Italy)
2016-2018 Chairman – Roman Brzôska (Poland)
2014-2016 Chairman – Angel Calvo (Spain)
2012-2014 Chairman – Boris Poberaj (Slovenia)
2010-2012 Chairman – Pascal Gleyze (France)