ESSKA-EKA brings together the opinion-leaders in the treatment of degenerative knee. This European pool of expertise aims to:

  • advance the knowledge of degenerative knee pathology and knee arthroplasty
  • provide a milieu for improving both knowledge and treatment of the arthritic knee
  • create the best environment for research
  • promote professional standards, and thereby ensure the best care for patients


Dear ESSKA and EKA members,
dear colleagues, dear friends,

After the first very successful ESSKA-EKA Speciality Days in Madrid 2019 the journey moves to the Polish capital of Warsaw. EKA goes East! From 3.-4. September 2021 with the Speciality Days EKA will make Warsaw the capital of degenerative knee surgery.

EKA is the European expert group among knee surgeons within ESSKA, which focuses on the treatment of all aspects of degenerative knees. Degenerative knee surgery is our passion!
During the last years EKA has been established as the educational ESSKA brand covering all aspects of joint-preservation and joint-replacement for degenerative knees. This includes a continuing course program for osteotomy and total knee arthroplasty, fellowship and mentorship programs, research activities, consensus and guideline activities, focus groups, publications as well as international collaborations as such with AAHKS.

Knee surgeons tend to show and speak about their successful surgeries. The congresses and meetings as well as journals are packed with an overwhelming number of successful stories. Everyone wants to present herself or himself as the greatest surgeon in the room. Often the true nature of complexity and complications is underrepresented.

One of my former mentors always said: “There are two types of knee surgeons who do not report any complications in knee surgery: First, the ones who do not operate and second the ones who do not tell the truth about their complications or neglect them.”

As EKA, we believe that one can learn most from the biggest defeats and failures. The ones who repeat the same mistake again have not learned from the past.
Hence, the main theme of the EKA program for the 2021 SD Days will be: “Intra- and perioperative complications in degenerative knee surgery”. The EKA program will shed light on pertinent questions such as how to avoid and deal with complications in degenerative knee surgery.

Finally, it is my great pleasure and privilege as EKA chairman to invite you to the ESSKA Speciality Days in Warsaw 2021. This is a great opportunity to get an update on latest developments in degenerative knees surgery and meet old and make new friends in a great scientific and practical meeting. It offers the chance to get in interaction with a world class international faculty in degenerative knee surgery.

Come and join this unique scientific and social experience in Warsaw.
Register for the ESSKA Speciality Days in Warsaw 2021.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Michael T. Hirschmann
ESSKA-EKA Chairman 2020-2022