ESSKA-AFAS brings together the key figures in sports-related ankle and foot pathology, with a special focus on arthroscopy. This European pool of expertise aims to:

  • create the best environment for research
  • ensure that discoveries and best-techniques are disseminated
  • improve the profile of sports-related ankle and foot practitioners
  • enforce professional standards, thus ensuring the best care for patients with sports-related ankle and foot injuries

Message from the Chairman

Dear ESSKA and ESSKA-AFAS members,
Dear Colleagues,

The world of foot and ankle surgery has evolved exponentially over the last 20 years. The thirst for knowledge has driven highest quality research to develop new techniques and challenge the accepted practices of the non-Evidence-Based era. It has cast off the dresses of being a “Cinderella” sub-speciality and has become one of the fastest developing areas of orthopaedics.
ESSKA-AFAS has been fortunate to have global support from surgeons. This is crucial for the cross-pollination of ideas to bring theoretical improvements through research and debate into practical surgical solutions for our patients.
We have embraced the Ankle Instability Group (AIG) and the Achilles Tendon Study Group (ATSG) whom we need to support further to ensure that new techniques and ideas can not only flourish but can also be disseminated through books and affordable courses. I believe that ESSKA has the gravitas to persuade companies to part with their ever-shrinking pot of money and support ESSKA-AFAS in this respect. I wish to build on the support that this European society enjoys from its friends and members from North and South America, Middle East, Asia and, hopefully soon, Africa and the Antipodes!

We have a successful Pau Golano Research Fellowship with its first recipient presenting research from Imperial College, London at the Glasgow Congress in May 2018 entitled “The anatomy, histology and biomechanics of the Kager fat pad”. This is an on-going programme funded by ESSKA for ESSKA-AFAS and please encourage young surgeons to apply.

We are supporting several meetings over the next 2 years including the Russian Association of Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, Orthopaedic Surgery, Rehabilitation in Moscow and AIG sessions at the Japanese Orthopaedic Association in Tokyo, October 2018. Further open, cadaveric and consensus meetings are also planned.

We are lucky that AFAS has the firm foundations of a world class and yet incredibly sociable scientific Society. I encourage everyone to share ideas and develop friendships over wine and food at the many ESSKA-AFAS events that we have planned and please encourage your colleagues to join us and become our future leaders in foot and ankle surgery. (For those who are inclined to be politically correct the wine may be non-alcoholic if you prefer!)

Yours sincerely,

James Calder
ESSKA-AFAS Chairman 2018-2020

Board 2018-2020
Chairman: James Calder (United Kingdom)
Past Chairman: Hélder Pereira (Portugal)
Vice-Chairman: Daniël Haverkamp (The Netherlands)
General Secretary: Christopher Pearce (Singapore)
Treasurer: Pietro Spennachio (Italy)
Education: Ákos Kynsburg (Austria)
Board members:
Christiaan van Bergen (United Kingdom)
Mike Carmont (The Netherlands)
Stephane Guillo (France)
Xavier Martin Oliva (Spain)

Ankle and Foot Associates (AFAS), a Section of ESSKA, was established in 2010.

2018-2020 Chairman – James Calder (United Kingdom)
2016-2018 Chairman – Hélder Pereira (Portugal)
2010-2016 Chairman – Niek van Dijk (The Netherlands)